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Víctor Manuelle, presents his long-awaited new album entitled Retromàntico. This concept album is inspired by the era of romantic salsa and promises to captivate lovers of this genre with its nostalgic and passionate repertoire available on all digital platforms.

The first single from the album is the hit “Otra Noche Más“, in which he was able to make a historic collaboration with Frankie Ruiz and which currently is on the top of the charts  of popularity in the United States, Peru, Colombia and Puerto Rico. Thanks to this, he marks another achievement in his career by being the salsa artist with the most top 10 hits on Billboard’s Tropical Airplay chart.

“The fact the audience is enjoying this new single is very significant to me. We wanted to join my voice with Frankie’s to pay tribute to the legacy of one of my favorites,” the interpreter said.

The album has 10 carefully selected songs and has the collaboration of great performers such as Tito Nieves in “Cosas del Amor“, a song that became popular in the nineties. The unparalleled voice of Johnny Rivera accompanies Víctor Manuelle in “Casi Perfecta“.

Vamos a romper la noche“, composed by legendary songwriter, Omar Alfanno, is a song full of complicity and rhythm in collaboration with his musical godfather, Gilberto Santa Rosa. Together with Willie González, “No queria Mentir” and the great Maelo Ruiz joins in “Me fallaron los dos” .

Other singles that are part of Retromàntico are: “En 4 dìas “, “Los hombres tambien lloran“, “Otro Intento” and “Si volviera Jesus” a composition by Jorge Luis Piloto, which narrates a reflection on how humanity would behave, if Jesus were as a man today.

“Each friend who accompanied me on this album contributed his own style and energy to the songs, creating a diverse and exciting album. It has been a great privilege to collaborate with these great talents. I’m looking forward  so that the world can finally hear it,” said Víctor Manuelle.

Retromàntico is more than a salsa album, it is an emotional journey through the nostalgia and romance that characterize this genre. With his unique voice and his unmistakable style, Víctor Manuelle promises to conquer the hearts of his followers once again and reaffirm himself as one of the greatest exponents of tropical music.

“This production is going back to when I started, while celebrating the genre that I love and that I will always defend. Each song on this album is imbued with emotions and memories that I hope resonate in the hearts of those who listen to it,” the singer-songwriter added.

Retromàntico is an impeccable production, with a surround sound, which will transport listeners to the time where romance and passion were interpenetrated through salsa.

Another important fact of this new project of the veteran salsero is the creation of his new portal Where fans will find exclusive content, information about his tour and much more.

Retromántico is an album that recovers the essence and feeling of the romantic salsa that marked Latin music so much. With this project, Víctor Manuelle revives emotional moments to conquer salsa around the world.


Olga Tañón Unveils “No Sé Quién Soy” Featuring Lenier



Olga Tañón, the indisputable “Mujer de Fuego” and star of tropical music, is thrilled to announce the release of “No Sé Quién Soy,” the captivating second single from her upcoming album “Así Yo Soy.” In this track, Olga collaborates with Lenier, the rising singer-songwriter and Latin Grammy winner, to masterfully and emotionally explore the complexities of romantic relationships that have lost their spark.

Written by Lenier, Olga Tañón, Mauro Bertran, and Jordany González, the collaboration shines with unique vocal textures and a performance that dives deep into the emotional experience of disconnection and rediscovery in love.

With a poignant blend of pain and passion, “No Sé Quién Soy” captures the quest for soul reconnection and navigates the challenge of rediscovering love in relationships.

Visually, “No Sé Quién Soy” comes to life in a stunning video shot in the picturesque Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Directed and conceptualized by Billy Denizard and produced by María de los Ángeles Martínez alongside Rec Lab, the video tells a moving love story with an unexpected twist, capturing the dramatic and romantic essence of the song.

In another thrilling announcement, Olga Tañón will perform a completely sold-out concert at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, on Saturday, May 11. This event marks a milestone in her career and showcases the passion and loyalty of her fans. Attendees can expect an electrifying show with an energetic performance, exceptional musical production, and impressive staging, solidifying Olga Tañón as one of the most revered figures in music.

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harlie Zaa, the Latin Grammy-nominated artist known for his irresistible fusion of bolero, bachata and salsa, has been nominated for the HEAT LATIN MUSIC AWARDS 2024 in the category of Best Tropical Artist.

Charlie Zaa kicked off his “Apazzionado Tour” with an extraordinary show in Houston on April 21. On June 1, he will arrive at the Puerto Rico Fine Arts Center, and will continue with two dates in Mexico on June 21 and 22. He will then return to the United States to offer two shows in Atlanta and Orlando.

The singer-songwriter has brought his unmistakable sound and unmatched talent to stages around the world, sharing new music with his fans.

He released his latest love letter, “Para Ya”, at the end of March, after captivating listeners with “Bobo Apasionado”, which has achieved spectacular success in Chile, Bolivia, Central America and Mexico and has received fantastic reception on radio and streaming platforms, in addition to “Si Te Vas.” All three love letters will be included on the artist’s next album, which will be released later this year.

Every year, the Heat Latin Music Awards are the hottest party of the summer, and this year the renowned awards show celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Voting is open for fans to choose their favorites in each of the 29 categories via the LosHeat.Tv app and they will be able to tune in to discover the winners on July 11.

In the meantime, fans are invited to continue participating in the celebration by following the Heat Latin Music Awards on social media @lospremiosheat and

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Bernier Unleashes a Wave of Sensuality with “Midori”



The music world braces itself for the arrival of Bernier’s latest offering: “Midori“. Signed under the renowned AP Global Music label, this gifted artist pledges to enthrall listeners with a daring and alluring sound that refuses to go unnoticed.

Midori” isn’t just another track; it’s a complete sensory escapade. Drawing inspiration from the eponymous Japanese liquor, this single intertwines sultry lyrics with an urban rhythm that beckons to movement and passion. It’s a fusion of the exotic and the contemporary, seamlessly blended for maximum impact.

At the helm of this creation is the ingenious Bernier, in collaboration with producer Antonio Rodríguez “Toño”, who have breathed life into this musically enchanting masterpiece. Complementing the auditory journey is the music video, helmed by director Gabriell Graffer and shot in Medellín, Colombia, whisking viewers away to a realm of love and desire.

Building on the momentum of his previous release “DVD”, Bernier continues to cement his place in the music industry as an unstoppable force. Teaming up with AP Global Music ensures a fresh and dynamic sound that is poised to capture the hearts of urban music aficionados worldwide.

With the release of “Midori“, Bernier marks yet another milestone in his meteoric rise, captivating audiences with his innovative musical vision. The single is now available on all digital platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Bernier’s captivating sonic universe.

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