Sin Corte and Pressure 9X19 release their explosive song “Perky Wooky”



With the explosiveness that characterizes him and his one-of-a-kind musical verbiage, Puerto Rican rapper Productos Sin Corte presents his new song “Perky Wooky” with his colleague in the genre, Pressure 9X19. After a motorbike ride through Puerto Rico, Productos Sin Corte and Pressure met in the recording studio to produce a new musical proposal titled “Perky Wooky”, which will surely conquer the streets for its energetic rhythm and revealing lyrics. Released under the LA FAMILIA NUNCA MUERE LLC label, the song is now available on all digital music platforms.

According to Productos Sin Corte, “…the theme is about a person who, since his childhood, had bad experiences and setbacks in life, stumbling and deciding not to allow anything else that destiny brings to destroy him.” It is an active song with the peculiar style that characterizes Productos Sin Corte, who continues to strengthen his brand within the urban genre as a versatile artist capable of reaching new generations with his powerful words.

The music video for “Perky Wooky” was directed by John Rivera and is available on the Productos Sin Corte YouTube channel. In the music video, the artists find themselves in a construction site while they are surrounded by money and everything they did not have in their childhood.

Previously, Productos Sin Corte released the song “City” with the legendary reggaeton artist Nicky Jam, a song that has achieved great support from the public reflected in the millions of combined views and reproductions.

Signed by La Familia Nadie Muere (LFNM), managed by music industry veteran Néstor “Chapu” Verdejo, Productos Sin Corte is a versatile artist who is not afraid to experiment with different sounds and genres. Without a doubt, Productos Sin Corte is ready to take over the radio charts and this new single is just a preview of everything that is to come.


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