Natti Natasha celebrates new hit single, “Ya No Te Extraño”



Renowned Dominican singer Natti Natasha is celebrating after the overwhelming success of her most recent single “Ya No Te Extraño”, which reached No. 1 simultaneously on radio charts in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The song, which has resonated with audiences globally, received incredible support over the weekend when played at the iconic Quisqueya Stadium in Santo Domingo, where Natti served as ambassador to Major League Baseball’s “Spring Training” Dominican series between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays over the weekend in the Dominican Republic.

During her participation as an MLB ambassador in the Dominican RepublicNatti Natasha had the honor of sharing special moments with music legend Juan Luis Guerra, as well as baseball icons Pedro Martínez and David Ortiz. In addition, the Dominican star took the opportunity to inspire future Dominican baseball talents, giving a motivational speech to the country’s children who dream of becoming baseball players, alongside with multiple players participating in the Dominican series, including Jose Siri and Randy Arozarena, among others.

With over 500 million streams across digital platforms of her third studio album, NASTY SINGLES, “Ya No Te Extraño” has become a true musical phenomenon. To celebrate this monumental achievement, Natti Natasha returned to her roots and visited several local grocery stores in her native Dominican Republic, to share her excitement and appreciation of Dominicans in the island for their unconditional support.

“I never imagined that ‘Ya No Te Extraño’ would go so far and touch so many hearts. I’m deeply grateful for the love and support of my fans in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as well as around the world. This is our success,” expressed Natti Natasha.

“Ya No Te Extraño” is part of her most recent album NASTY SINGLES, which also features the No. 1 hit singles “Mayor Que Usted”, “Tu Perrota” and “La Falta Que Me Haces”, among others.

Relive the historic live Mambo performance with Natti Natasha, which is set to surpass 6 million views on YouTube.

Recently, NATTI NATASHA celebrated 500 million streams of her album NASTY SINGLES with a special premiere alongside of “OTRO CAPTION”.


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