Manuel Turizo Captivates Viña del Mar in an Unforgettable Night



In a night filled with emotion and music, Manuel Turizo made history by performing for the first time at the iconic Viña del Mar Festival, fulfilling one of his greatest dreams. “Being here, at Viña del Mar, is a dream come true. I always wanted to share my music on one of the most emblematic stages for Spanish-language music, and I’ve finally achieved it,” said the excited young Colombian singer.

Manuel Turizo, who is also a member of the jury, kicked off the show with the rhythm of the successful singles “La Nota,” “Mala Costumbre,” “Déjala que Vuelva,” followed by the romantic “Quiéreme mientras se pueda,” which he performed while playing the piano. The night culminated with the presentation of the coveted Silver and Gold Seagulls (awards), the ultimate symbol of recognition from the audience and jury of Viña del Mar, which Turizo received amidst applause and ovations.

In the hours leading up to his performance and at a press conference, Manuel Turizo was awarded by the executives of Sony Music Chile with certifications for: Double Diamond Stream for surpassing 100 million streams of his single “La Bachata” in Chile and Platinum Stream for the single “Merengue” performed by Marshmello & Manuel Turizo for surpassing 20 million streams in Chile.

Viña del Mar, considered one of the most important festivals for Spanish-language music, has been a springboard for many artists seeking to consolidate their careers internationally. Manuel Turizo’s participation in this prestigious event not only marks a milestone in his trajectory but also reaffirms his position as one of the most influential and beloved artists in the urban genre.

Turizo’s dedication to his audience was palpable throughout his performance. “My heart is for the Chilean audience,” he stated, as love and energy flowed in both directions. This performance not only solidifies his reputation as a musician but also highlights his ability to stir and connect with his audience on a very personal level.


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