At the spectacular Billboard event dedicated to the most prominent women in the industry, renowned artist Karol G delivered a memorable performance, showcasing her hit “Amargura” in a salsa rendition accompanied by a 13-woman orchestra, with arrangements and production by Sergio George.

This performance was introduced by the acclaimed actress Sofia Vergara, who also presented the Woman of the Year award to Karol G by Billboard.

Renowned music producer Sergio George has once again made his mark by working as a producer and arranger on the salsa version of “Amargura” performed by Karol G. With his extensive experience in the industry and innate talent for creating hits, George has once again raised the bar for Latin music.

Karol G’s performance was filled with energy and passion, with her unique and spontaneous interpretation complemented by George’s distinctive touch. The inclusion of a 13-woman orchestra added a unique and thrilling element to the presentation, highlighting the female talent in the music industry.

“I am very grateful and blessed to be able to work with this genius, visionary, and worldwide Latin pride,” expressed Sergio George about his collaboration with Karol G on the rendition of “Amargura.”

This event, celebrating International Women’s Day, highlights and celebrates female talent in the music industry, recognizing the impact and contribution of women in this field.

The presentation of the Billboard Woman of the Year award to Karol G by Sofia Vergara added an emotional and significant moment to the evening, emphasizing the recognition of the artist’s career and impact in the music world.

Karol G expressed feeling deeply honored by this distinction to her career, expressing her happiness at being the first Latina to be chosen as Woman of the Year at the 2024 edition of the event. This recognition underscores Karol G’s commitment and dedication to her musical career and her influence in the Latin and global industry.

Sergio George, known for his versatility and ability to work with a wide range of artists, has once again demonstrated his ability to capture the essence of contemporary Latin music. His collaboration with Karol G in this performance is just another example of his lasting impact on the global music scene.

The combination of Karol G’s powerful voice, the energy of the women’s orchestra, and Sergio George’s musical genius has resulted in a performance that will surely be remembered for years to come. This event highlights not only the individual talent of these artists but also the importance of collaboration and creativity in creating high-quality music.


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