JOSS FAVELA Sings About the Final Goodbye In “CUANDO LLEGUE EL DÍA” with Gera MX



A conversation about death, beside a cooler with ice and a lot of vulnerability, served as the midwife during the birth of one of the most profound songs in contemporary Mexican music. This refers to “Cuando Llegue El Día” (When the Day Comes), the track by Joss Favela and Gera MX released today.

“We were concerned about what happens when you leave this earthly plane and wanted to address it together,” Joss Favela recalled while discussing “Cuando Llegue El Día” (When the Day Comes). “I think we managed to express it in a positive way because at the end of the day, it’s beautiful to have progressed, to have met many people, to have a family and friends who love you and who will remember you in a positive way.”

The song celebrates the artist’s life and reminds them for their legacy, music, art, and the person they were. “The message is very positive, and it’s a message of love for all the people who follow us, for our family, for our friends that we will all die one day, everyone who is here,” he added.

The song was recorded in studios in Jalisco and Sinaloa, “CuandoLlegue El Día” combines Gera MX’s rap with Joss Favela’s immense talent in regional Mexican music. It also features traditional instruments of the genre, such as accordion, bajo quinto, tololoche, and more, creating a magical encounter of two worlds that are closer than many thought.

The video, directed by Abelardo Báez and produced by Pavel Nordahl, takes the concept of the “day of death” a bit further, o something deeper, because regardless of who we are in life, our roots, tastes and attachments, we are all going towards the same place. Visually, this was reflected through two different world’s: the classic car that represents the urban world and the horse that represents the regional world, and adding the romanticism of Mexican culture with death and the constant relationship between the living and the loved ones who have already departed.

Cuando Llegue El Día” is now availabe on all digital platforms, Thi is the second track from his upcoming EP named Mis Compas Vol 1which has stellar collaborations from great exponents of the music scene in México. The EP is expected to be release in May 2024 alongside Sony Music Latin.


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