Jacob Forever Performs at Miami Bach 2024 and Release New single with La India “Fuera Fuera”



In a night full of emotions and music, the prominent Cuban artist Jacob Forever marked a historic moment at the Kaseya Center in Downtown Miami representing the vibrant Latin American community and especially Cuban Americans, Jacob Forever stands as a beacon of hope and a palpable example of how dreams come true in freedom.

During the event, part of Alex Sensation’s MiamiBash 2024, Jacob Forever performed his most iconic songs, including “Hasta que se se el Malecón”, a global hit that has not only conquered hearts, but was also nominated for a Latin Grammy. Tonight, we not only celebrate his music, but also his recent American citizenship, a milestone that reflects his commitment to the values of freedom.

In a gesture of generosity and vision, Jacob Forever presented new artistic talents through videos, offering a platform to Cuban musicians and composers recently arrived in Florida. This act not only reaffirms his mentoring role in the industry, but also underscores the wealth and potential of the Cuban exile.

The event was also a setting for deeply personal and moving moments, highlighting the presence of Diliamne Jacob, better known as “La Dura” and wife of the singer. The influential and successful businesswoman “La Dura” carried out historic digital coverage that captured millions of views. On her side, the singer’s daughter, who already has millions of followers on her social networks, also supported her father.

Recently LA INDIA, the princess of salsa named after Celia Cruz during her lifetime, in collaboration with Jacob Forever released the new single “Fuera Fuera” produced by the great Maestro, producer and GRAMMY® winner Sergio George. This song reflects the sound of traditional salsa with new urban airs that give it a special touch to be one of the musical hits of this year. The music video for “Fuera Fuera” premieres on Thursday, May 9 on YouTube and various digital platforms. The video was recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we enjoyed a great salsa party, which reflects both Cuban and Puerto Rican cultures.

Follow Jacob Forever’s social networks and stay tuned for all the news and surprises that this outstanding artist has in store for his followers as he embarks on this exciting musical adventure.


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