DEBI NOVA Announces The Release Of Her New Single “PRIMER BESO”



The talented Costa Rican singer-songwriter, Debi Nova, has once again captivated her audience by announcing the release of her new single “Primer Beso”. The emotional song promises to capture the transformative but permanent feeling of the first kiss and its lasting influence on human relationships.

“Primer Beso”  by Debi Nova is available through all digital platforms, marking a significant moment in the artist’s career. With her characteristic ability to fuse various musical genres with deep and moving lyrics, Debiwill invite listeners to accompany her on an emotional journey through the experience of first love and the nostalgia that accompanies it.

The music video for “Primer Beso” was filmed in Miami under the direction of Lennyn Salinas, thus adding a captivating visual complement to the emotional narrative of the song and which will be released to fans simultaneously with the song. This choice of setting not only highlights the energy and diversity of the city, but also provides a perfect space for the visual representation of the nostalgic feelings that the song seeks to represent.

This song represents the feeling of nostalgia of returning to that moment of the first kiss and allowing that feeling to stay with us and accompany us through all the ups and downs of a relationship,” explained DebiNova.

Thus, Debi offers an intimate view of the inspiration behind her new work, inviting listeners to connect with their own experience of love and youth.

In addition to the announcement of the release of “Primer Beso”, Debi Nova is celebrating after having achieved two sold-out concerts of the three dates on her return to her native Costa Rica. The presentations are scheduled for Thursday, May 16, Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, 2024 at the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar. The three concerts promise to be an unforgettable experience, full of music, feelings, and emotions, under the production of AEA Producciones Artísticas. Likewise, the composer has also announced her first performance in Mexico on May 22 at the Foro Tejedor.


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