This week Clarissa Molina is visiting her native Dominican Republic where last night she attended the most important award ceremony in the country, Premios Soberano from Santo Domingo as a nominee under the category “Outstanding Communicator Abroad.”

In addition to attending the award ceremony, Clarissa returned today, Wednesday, March 13, to her hometown of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, where she was presented with a mural honoring her for her hard work since the beginning. It should also be noted that Molina represented her beautiful and colorful country during the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2015. The mural was made by the Murales de Ciudad Santiago cultural project of the Mayor’s Office of Santiago de los Caballeros headed by the mayor. Abel Martínez. The artists in charge of the artwork were Katherine Santana, Manaury Calasam, Feliberto Pichardo and Smery Pichardo. The mural with the image of Clarissa Molina after her triumph in the VIP season of Nuestra Belleza Latina is located on Calle de Arte del Reparto Tavárez Oeste.

“July 2, 2007 that was the day I left my land, my Santiago, my roots and customs, yes I dreamed big, but I did not imagine at that moment the blessings that would fall on me as a professional, much less the love and genuine affection of my Dominican people for whom I am eternally grateful and for that in every stage he stepped on he let my Dominican Republic be felt. I would love for every time young people or any human being to see this mural to know that they can achieve anything they set out to do by doing things well,” says Clarissa Molina.

During the ceremony, Yanilsa Cruz, director of Culture of the Santiago mayor’s office, highlighted Molina’s qualities and the importance of the personalities that have allowed Dominicans to be projected to the world and their imprints, in order to honor his memories through Of art. During the event, Clarissa also received recognition from the mayor’s office accompanied by her father, her brothers, and her relatives.

“I feel super happy and honored to receive such a beautiful tribute in my city, where I was born, where I dreamed of doing things that would lead me to elevate my country and being accompanied by my father, brothers and family makes it more special,” Clarissa added.

There is no doubt that Clarissa Molina continues to surprise and be a great example of personal improvement and representative for all women who fight to fulfill their dreams regardless of the obstacles that come their way.


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