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Today, global music authority Billboard revealed all of the must-see performances that will take place during Billboard Latin Music Week. The En Vivo concert series will feature dynamic performances by FonsecaGreeicyMike BahíaMyke Towers, Nathy Peluso and Young Miko in celebration of Latin music, culture, and entertainment. Billboard Latin Music Week will return to Miami on Oct. 2 to Oct. 6, 2023, coinciding with National Hispanic Heritage Month. Additional details will be released in the coming weeks with registration now open at

Billboard Latin Music Week En Vivo Concert Schedule:

Monday, October 2

  • Greeicy and Mike Bahía: Presented by Michelob ULTRA, the powerhouse Colombian singers Greeicy and Mike Bahía will take the stage for an intimate performance at the Faena Theater. This is a private show available only to Billboard Latin Music Week pass holders (21+). 
  • Official Billboard Latin Music Week Kickoff Party: Presented by AP Global Music, the official Billboard Latin Music Week Kickoff party will feature live performances by VenestiMaffioNachoBernierGonza, and Alejo, hosted by DJ Alex Sensation. This event is open to the public and free to all Billboard Latin Music Week pass holders (21+).

Wednesday, October 4

  • Nathy Peluso and Young Miko: Argentine-Spanish singer and songwriter Nathy Peluso will grace the stage at Oasis Wynwood with special guest Young Miko. Tickets start at $35 and are available for purchase at Latin Music Week pass holders (INSIDER and GA) will receive free access to this event and do not need to purchase additional tickets (21+).

Friday, October 6

  • Billboard Latin Music Week Block Party presented by Cheetos: Puerto Rican rapper, singer and songwriter, Myke Towers, will give a special performance during the day at Wynwood Marketplace.  The block party is presented by Cheetos, and the event is FREE and open to the public on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Friday Night with Fonseca: Sponsored by Michelob ULTRA, the Colombian singer will close the week of En Vivo shows with a captivating performance at Oasis Wynwood. Tickets will start at $35 and are available for purchase at  Latin Music Week pass holders (INSIDER and GA) will receive free access to this event and do not need to purchase additional tickets (21+).





In love, not everything goes as one hopes, with stubborn realities where there are no fairy tale endings. Abraham Mateo and Sebastián Yatra team up to present “Xq Sigues Pasando? 🙁“, a song that delves into the feeling of being in love and not being reciprocated. A collaboration brimming with anger and energy in one of the most anticipated musical unions of 2023. Listen HERE.

The strength of traditional pop-rock sound, a romantic lyric that’s easy to relate to, and a catchy chorus come together organically to create an undeniable hit. The partnership between Mateo and Yatra also showcases the compositional quality and versatility of both artists, who excel in any genre.

Xq Sigues Pasando? :(“ is accompanied by a powerful music video that enhances the concept and message of a song that departs from melancholic lamentations and reinvigorates us in these final moments of summer.

Abraham Mateo’s star continues to shine with achievements in and outside of music. In addition to his undeniable individual success with “Maníaca” (his personal take on the 80s classic “Maniac” by Michael Sambello), he has had significant collaborations with Daviles de Novelda in “Te Miro A La Cara” and with Eurovision contestant Chanel in “Clavaito.” The latter has been the song of the summer, thanks to remarkable numbers, remaining at #6 on the Top 50 and in the top 10 of key playlists like “Éxitos España” (Peak #1), “Viral España 2023,” or “Top del Pop,” even reaching #1 on the Top 100 Radio Charts.

His memorable victory in Ibai Llanos’ “La Velada del Año III,” one of the biggest global entertainment events, and his participation in the most important music radio galas have solidified and enhanced the image of the young artist from Cádiz as one of the leading representatives of Spanish-language pop music, appealing to all types of audiences.

The boiling point of this stage in Abraham Mateo’s career crystallizes with his artistic union with Sebastián Yatra, who also shows no sign of slowing down. The Medellín native tops the charts with his latest release, “Vagabundo,” and is a widely recognized figure with over 28 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 30 million followers on Instagram, and 19 million on TikTok.

In this surprising collaboration, the duo asks why you keep passing by, something impossible to do in this collision of talent and charisma with international acclaim. Once you experience it, you won’t be able to stop listening to this big hit as we welcome autumn.

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Renowned artist Joey Montana is preparing to surprise his followers with the release of his new single titled “Tus Mentiras.” The song will reach listeners around the world, promising to captivate with its signature style and powerful lyrics. In “Your Lies,” Joey Montana explores the theme of love disappointments and betrayal. The song tells the story of a relationship marked by falsehoods and deceptions, with a sincere and direct tone that resonates in each verse.

The catchy chorus and the combination of infectious rhythms create an irresistible musical experience that connects with listeners’ emotions.

The music video for “Tus Mentiras” has been directed by the talented director Piva, who has perfectly captured the essence of the song. The visually captivating video reflects the artist’s emotions and message through images that convey the song’s narrative. Each scene has been carefully crafted to illustrate the struggles and feelings that Joey Montana wishes to express in his music.

The lyrics of “Tus Mentiras” highlight the frustration and disappointment that arise when falsehoods in a relationship are discovered. With lines like “Shoot your lies, I avoid them / I avoid them / I avoid them,” Joey Montana emphasizes his determination not to be fooled any longer.

The song is a powerful reminder of the importance of honesty and sincerity in love and relationships. The global release of “Tus Mentiras” marks an exciting moment in Joey Montana’s career. The artist has once again demonstrated his ability to connect with his audience through authentic lyrics and catchy melodies.

Fans can expect a musical experience that touches the heart and resonates with those who have experienced heartbreak in love. For more details and updates on “Tus Mentiras” and Joey Montana’s activities, fans can follow the artist on his social media and digital music platforms.

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Anticipation is at its peak as rising artist Lemuell prepares to unveil his latest single, “Más Allá,” which promises to take listeners on an emotional journey through his distinctive lyrical narrative and a stunning music video that visualizes its powerful message. The single marks an exciting starting point in the artist’s already promising career.

“Beyond”: A Glimpse into the Emotional Depths

In “Más Allá,” listeners will witness a unique musical experience as Lemuell explores the complex emotions and ups and downs of a stormy situation that arises from an initially purely sexual encounter. With a masterful skill for lyrical storytelling, Lemuell paints a vivid picture of the emotional battlefield he finds himself on, immersed in the contradictions of a love affair that could evolve into something deeper. The song captures the nuances of this intense relationship and sheds light on the challenges and hopes that accompany it.

A New Chapter in Lemuell’s Career

“Más Allá” is not simply a standalone single, but an exciting starting point for the artist’s career. Lemuell has created a mix of fresh and captivating sounds that explore a more commercial side of his art. With influences ranging from contemporary urban music to pop elements, the single highlights an artistic evolution that promises to captivate a broader audience while maintaining Lemuell’s distinctive essence.

A Music Video That Gives Life to the Narrative

To complement the powerful narrative of “Más Allá,” Lemuell presents a music video that embodies the emotions and story expressed in the song. The video adds a visual dimension to the lyrical message, taking viewers on a visual journey that amplifies the emotional depth of the song. Through evocative imagery and captivating visual storytelling, the music video becomes an integral component of the “Beyond” experience.

In short, “Más Allá” is much more than a song; is a window into complex human emotions and an artistic representation that marks a new chapter in Lemuell’s career. Prepare to be immersed in this emotional journey when the single and music video.

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