Bernier Unleashes a Wave of Sensuality with “Midori”



The music world braces itself for the arrival of Bernier’s latest offering: “Midori“. Signed under the renowned AP Global Music label, this gifted artist pledges to enthrall listeners with a daring and alluring sound that refuses to go unnoticed.

Midori” isn’t just another track; it’s a complete sensory escapade. Drawing inspiration from the eponymous Japanese liquor, this single intertwines sultry lyrics with an urban rhythm that beckons to movement and passion. It’s a fusion of the exotic and the contemporary, seamlessly blended for maximum impact.

At the helm of this creation is the ingenious Bernier, in collaboration with producer Antonio Rodríguez “Toño”, who have breathed life into this musically enchanting masterpiece. Complementing the auditory journey is the music video, helmed by director Gabriell Graffer and shot in Medellín, Colombia, whisking viewers away to a realm of love and desire.

Building on the momentum of his previous release “DVD”, Bernier continues to cement his place in the music industry as an unstoppable force. Teaming up with AP Global Music ensures a fresh and dynamic sound that is poised to capture the hearts of urban music aficionados worldwide.

With the release of “Midori“, Bernier marks yet another milestone in his meteoric rise, captivating audiences with his innovative musical vision. The single is now available on all digital platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Bernier’s captivating sonic universe.


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